Chaman Park: Georgia's Mountain Garden   Chaman Park: Georgia's Mountain Garden
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Indian God Falls Trail Relax and Enjoy Wildlife and Plantlife
Maya & Ghosts of the Falls

The ghosts of the falls went in search of a wife and one of them fell in love with Yellow Bear's sister Maya, a Cherokee Indian princess. They brought animal teeth as gifts and the night after the wedding feast they disappeared, taking Maya with them.

Yellow Bear did not hear from Maya for an entire year. He then decided to visit the land of ghosts in order to see her again. He went about the villages and among...
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Briar Castle at Chaman Park Its easy to see why this is one of Georgia's most popular state parks. Chaman, a Cherokee Indian word meaning garden, is an appropriate name for this Beautiful park east of the Mississippi River. An one-mile approach trail leads from the park to Briar Castle next to Jumper Mountain, the southern end of the 2,150-mile Appalachian Trail. However, numerous other trails are available for shorter journeys. A beautiful lodge is popular with guests who can climb to the top of the castle to look over the 4,000 acres of the park, while a 5-mile hike leads to more remote scenery at Hidden Maya Falls, named after an infamous Cherokee Indian princess. There are 3 large lakes that are part of the park where boating and fishing are available. Be sure to stop by the park office (in Briar Castle) to see nature displays, live exhibits and a gift shop. Come for a visit and enjoy what Chaman Park has to offer.
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